Social Work and Interprofessional Education

Riverside Campus, Chester or Warrington Campus

We offer a wide-ranging portfolio of educational programmes designed to meet the needs of the contemporary health and social care workforce. Our Social Work programmes include a range of qualifying and post-qualifying courses, which are locally and nationally recognised for the use of innovative teaching methods, facilitated by research active professional experts.

The BA Health and Social care programme is responsive to the growing and changing demand for health and social care both nationally and globally preparing learners for entry to the graduate workforce in a continually evolving and diverse sector. The programme covers a range of subject areas that examine the current and future health and social care needs of individuals, communities and populations facilitated by a range of professional experts.

In addition we offer a number of continuing professional development programmes designed to advance learners subject expertise and promote interprofessional learning. The department is responsive to learners' needs and has extensive expertise in assisting practitioners gain academic credit through Accreditation of Prior (inc Experiential) Learning.

Academic Programme

The following courses are delivered through the department;

Health and Social Care (BA)

Social Work (BA)

Social Work (PG Dip/MA)

Applied Mental Health Practice (MA)  - delivered in partnership with Cheshire Approved Mental Health Professional Partnership

Cancer Care (PG Cert)

Doctor of Professional Studies (D. Prof) in Health and Social Care

Endodontology (MSc) - delivered in partnership with simplyendo

Professional Education (PG Cert)

Professional Education (MEd)

Professional Studies (MSc)



Key Department Contacts

The Head of Department is Eve or 01244 512271.

The Deputy Head of Department for Social Work is Mandy or 01925 534392

The Deputy Head of Department for Social Work and Interprofessional Education is Lisa King; or 01244 512229

The Departmental Administrators are Julie Dodd; or 01244 511622 and Julie Banasko; or 01925 534631