Minorities and the First World War

Keynote Speakers:

Professor Tony Kushner (University of Southampton)

Professor Humayun Ansari OBE (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Professor Panikos Panayi (De Montfort University)

Indian VC

The experience of minorities in the First World War is one of the most significant, yet least developed aspects of the conflict’s history. It is now over twenty years since the major conference on ‘National and Racial Minorities in Total War’ which spurred the highly influential volume: Minorities in Wartime. With the centenary of the First World War fast approaching, this is a particularly appropriate time to revisit the subject.

Over the preceding decades, there have been massive shifts in the writing of ethnic and minority histories, which have started to excavate areas of convergence as well as departure. At the same time, our understanding of the social and military history of the First World War has expanded massively. No longer is the history of the conflict confined largely to the trenches of the Western Front. It now encompasses everything from non-combatants and the home front through to occupation and the memory of war.

The aim of this two-day conference is to mesh recent developments in the military history of the First World War with those in the field of minority studies. The conference will explore the experiences of different ethnic and national minority groups from all of the main belligerent nations.

Full registration costs £50 (£40 postgraduate students) inclusive of lunch, refreshments and evening reception in Cheshire Military Museum. 

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