Myles Taaffee

Myles Taaffee Graduated in 2008 with a BA Honours Degree in Law and History

There is a diversity of talented teaching within the Law School.

myles taaffee

After graduating from the University in 2008, Myles stayed in Chester and attended the College of Law in Christleton to complete the Graduate Diploma in Law Course. This is the conversion course for students who have not completed a qualifying law degree. After successfully completing this course an obtaining some legal experience, Myles has been employed as a paralegal with Stone King LLP Solicitors in Bath since August 2010.  He is specialising in the areas of Education and Charity Law. Myles is due to start his LPC (on a part-time basis) in September and will undertake his training contract with Stone King LLP at the same time.

On being asked about the Law School Myles states:

"The tutors at Chester are approachable and very friendly, they really made the effort to engage with students... There is a diversity of talented teaching within the Law School, which added to its character. There is a good balance between internationally recognised academics and practicing lawyers. This helped bring the latest academic concepts and legal practices together in one department."

In relation to why Myles chose Chester he replied:

"I chose the University of Chester because I was looking for a place to study History and Law as a combined programme and Chester proactively encouraged combined courses. Chester was my first choice for law because the Law School is closely affiliated with The College of Law at Christleton in Chester. The College of Law reserve guaranteed places for students who attain an honours degree from Chester.

I had visited Chester a few times before I started my degree and I instantly wanted to move there. The city is big enough to be metropolitan, with all the amenities ou would find in a big city, but small enough to be a real community where everyone knows everyone.

Chester is also ideally placed for me personally. It is far enough away from my home town that I could gain some independence, close to Liverpool so that I could watch live premiership games at Anfield, and close to North Wales where I enjoyed outdoor sports and mountain walking."

On the student social life and clubs and societies Myles states:

"The social life is fantastic. During term time the norm was to go out on Monday and Wednesday night into the city centre.  In my third year I found myself going to more and more nights out in Liverpool or Manchester as they are so close.

Sports in Chester are also abundant. I played football most weeks and there are amateur leagues as well as the University teams. I joined Grosvenor Rowing Club by the riverside and that was incredible for social events and scenic views of the city from the river itself.  Most sports are catered for at the university and all levels are encouraged to sign up."