Field Visits

Law Students Visit Pforzheim University for the First Time

In May 2012 a group of 12 students, as part of their 2nd year law project module, visited Pforzheim in Southern Germany for 12 days.

The objectives for the visit were two-fold: firstly to allow students to meet and work alongside German law students; and secondly to be able to carry out a comparative study of different aspects of the two legal systems.

The highlight of the educational side of the visit was an opportunity to undertake a tour of the Constitutional Court located in Karlsruhe. There is no such court in the English Legal System and unlike the German Constitutional Court there is no power given to our Supreme Court that allows them to strike down an Act of Parliament as being unconstitutional. Additionally the students undertook workshops at the university on different aspects of the German Legal System. Some of which were delivered by the local prosecutor and a trade union.

However the trip was not just limited to learning about the German Legal System. There were plenty of social activities such as a day trip to Heidelberg, a visit to the Porsche Museum and a tour of a local brewery! Strong friendships were made between the two sets of students. German students will visit us in Chester this year along with a further group of students travelling to Germany. The plan is that this will become an annual opportunity for 2nd year law students. We have also just obtained grants from the EU to sponsor trips to the European Parliament in Brussels and are hoping to undertake visits in April and June.