The Law School runs a number of extra curricular societies which students are encouraged to join.

There are three main societies within the Law School: The Student Law Society, DAMP Soc and The Film Society.

Involvement in any or all of these societies allows students to have FUN but also to further develop skills and attributes that you will be utilising on the undergraduate law courses. These can range from communication skills to organisation and planning. Please click on the society names on the right hand side of the page to find out more about each society.

It is important that you use the facilities and opportunities provided by the University outside of the academic courses. Most legal employers take it for granted that applicants have a strong academic pedigree and actually on reviewing applications, to decide which applicant to shortlist,  they are usually more interested in you demonstrating a range of attributes and skills that will make you a 'positive' asset to their business. They want 'well rounded' commercially aware applicants who can work alone or with others to resolve problems or provide advice.  Engaging with the Law School Societies, or indeed the other Clubs and Societies run through the Students Union, provides you with opportunities to reach your full potential as an individual which will enhance your employability.