Research - Media

The Media Department at the University of Chester is in the process of developing its research profile and, to that end, is seeking to exploit emerging patterns of coherent work and expertise among its academic staff. The Department has also extended its international profile in recent years, establishing a working link with the Caucasus University in Tbilisi, Georgia, and emerging possibilities with colleagues in Beijing and the University of Bayreuth.

In addition, the Department recognizes the potential it has for interdisciplinary work with colleagues involved in related research across the institution, and has been involved in joint institution-wide grant bids in recent years. In combination, these links feed into both the Faculty-wide Centre for Research in Arts and Media (CCRAM) and the department-specific network for research into the relationship between Media and Conflict.

The work undertaken in the department has great contemporary significance. The events of the ‘Arab Spring’ were intensively mediatized, with online journalism and social media integral to wider political developments. Away from the Arab world, the levels of interactivity generated by online journalism, citizen journalism, blogs and social media are changing the media landscape with profound implications for conflict resolution and conflict generation. The changing relationship between producers and consumers of news is inherently political, and its implications are becoming apparent in a range of different global contexts.