The Global Network for Public Theology

The Global Network for Public Theology (GNPT) is an academic research partnership that promotes theological contributions on public issues, especially those issues affecting the poor, the marginalized and the environment in a glocal (global-local) context.

The GNPT brings together designated research centers and research programmes in nearly thirty Higher Education Institutions around the world. All pursue interdisciplinary research on theology and public issues. It was founded in 2007 by a group of research institutions that had already established links. The network aims to foster collaboration among these academic partners and to publicize their research work.

The GNPT does not seek to be a representative membership organization for all research institutions, scholars and practitioners in the wider field of public theology. Rather, it seeks to serve that field by promoting bilateral and other collaborative research projects, by holding a triennial consultation, sponsoring the International Journal of Public Theology and encouraging other research initiatives and networks in theology and public issues.

Letter from the Chair of the Executive, Global Network for Public Theology, 2011-14