Interactive Facilitation

Skills you can use immediately

A fast paced, practical and highly interactive facilitation skills workshop designed to give you a set of skills, tools and techniques to help facilitate groups, meetings and workshops.

Learning to Inspire Team
Learning to Inspire Team

On this workshop you will learn:-

  • How to manage your own state, increase your confidence and develop presence
  • How to create a learning environment
  • How to build rapport with a group
  • How to build trust within a group
  • To develop your own facilitation style
  • The usefulness of 'whole brain' learning
  • A facilitation framework you can use in any situation
  • How to use stories, humour and metaphor to facilitate learning
  • Ways of working with dififcult groups and particular mind-sets
  • How to work with and manage uncertainty
  • How to create a climate that supports inclusion and openness
  • How to develop an atmosphere that supports the exploration of insight generation and problem solving
  • The best way to facilitate feedback

Plus many other useful tips and processes to enhance your communication skills.

This module is available at all levels on the Work Based and Integrative Studies programme.