Have You Thought About … Happiness, Madness or Spirituality?

Link to Have You Thought About … Happiness, Madness or Spirituality? event
Wednesday, 22nd April, 2015
17:30 - 19:00
Best Building CBB115

The third and final of the Department of Social and Political Science’s engaging, bite-sized introductions to hot topics in the Social Sciences will focus on the social roles of intangible emotions, states of mind and beliefs. Dr Alessandro Pratesi (Sociology), Dr Paul Wagg (Counselling) and Dr Peter Gubi (Counselling) will consider the concepts of happiness, madness and spirituality in order to ask questions about these categories and how they are managed and experienced in everyday social life. Join us for an evening of thinking differently.

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Have You Thought About…?

Department of Social and Political Science Public Lecture Series 2014-15 

Have you thought about what a world without borders would look like? Have you thought about why we consider some people’s behaviour, dress sense or home décor to be in bad taste? Have you thought about what it means to be happy and why we all aspire to happiness?

The Department of Social and Political Science at the University of Chester prides itself on thinking critically about the society we live in and asking difficult – and often unusual – questions of ourselves and of our students. In 2014-15, to commemorate the University of Chester’s 175th year, we invite you to join the conversation in a series of themed public lectures addressing the hottest topics in the Social Sciences. Delivered in bite-sized, exciting, 15-minute slots by experienced lecturers and researchers in Sociology, Criminology, Politics, Economics, International Relations, Counselling and Psychological Trauma, the Have You Thought About…? talks will introduce you to the latest debates in often overlooked areas of society, and challenge you to change the way you think about the world, from everyday occurrences to the big, global issues. Lectures will be aimed at a non-specialist audience and will be followed by open audience comment and Q&A sessions.

This accessible, entertaining lecture series will appeal to you if you are interested in thinking critically about the world around you and your relationship with it. It will also be of interest to those who are considering a future programme of study in the Social Sciences.