Student profile: Matthew Bee

Posted on 20th January 2014

Each year the Sociology programme celebrates the achievements and efforts of students through a series of prizes awarded at both formal and informal events.

Studying Sociology and Criminology... was a really enjoyable and inspiring time for me
Matthew Bee, 2013 Graduate

The David Ford Memorial Sociology prize is awarded annually for academic excellence in Sociology, while more informal prizes award students for their application of sociological thinking to their everyday life, for instance, or their contributions to seminar debates and discussions.

In addition to finding employment in such diverse sectors as health and social care, education, the civil services and many more, many of our students go on to postgraduate study. Here Matthew Bee recalls how studying Sociology and Criminology at Chester inspired him to go on to pursue an MA in New Media and Society at the University of Leicester. Matthew graduated from the University of Chester in November 2013 with honours.


Matthew Bee

"Studying Sociology and Criminology in the Department of Social Studies and Counselling was a really enjoyable and inspiring time for me. My lecturers were always friendly, supportive and encouraging and really helped me develop my ability to think critically about the world around me. Early on I realised that I had a passion for Sociology and the department supported me in applying for further study at the University of Leicester, where I am hoping to further my academic career and undertake a PhD.

"The MA I am currently undertaking is entitled New Media and Society. It covers a range of differing perspectives and theories on New Media. I feel my undergraduate studies at Chester has prepared me well for postgraduate life and I am constantly returning to ideas I was first introduced to on the course, such as the The Sociological ImaginationShaping of SocietyAdvanced Social Theory andCon_txts of Communication. I hope one day I can inspire others to think critically about the intersection of media and society too."