Encouraging our students to ‘get involved’

Posted on 14th January 2014

At every opportunity, the University looks to enhance the student experience. This includes encouraging students to open up to the possibilities around them.

One student recently returned form Haiti as part of his research for his final year dissertation; while another spent his summer doing charity work in mountainous Nepal. Students also pursue academic and intellectual pursuits closer to home. Politics students run the very successful debating society and have been involved in student journalism.

Nick, a current final year student, extended his second year University work placement into the summer (and has even written an article for them). Of the experience he said the following: “Over the summer holidays I worked for British Influence, a cross party pro-European campaigning organisation. This was a really interesting experience as I got to witness at first-hand how campaigning groups: react to media developments, rally business support and lobby the media. The source analysis skills I developed in politics modules such as International Relations, and my grounding in basic philosophical concepts that guide the political class, were invaluable to me when working as a research intern. Thanks to this experience I been able to use my knowledge of media management and experience as a political researcher to secure an internship at ResEuropa, which I am now doing alongside my third year."