Student poster displays

Posted on 17th February 2014

Final year undergraduate Counselling Skills students on the Trauma and Loss module displayed posters in December on chosen topics within which counselling skills may enhance professional roles, and which are of contemporary interest and concern both nationally and globally.

Here are some of their comments on the experience of this assessment:
"I’ve never displayed my work in this way before. Showing my work to others was a new experience that I enjoyed."
Danielle - poster Child Soldiers
"It was a very informal and relaxed environment which made the display and presentation of the poster much more enjoyable. A good experience to have a chance to talk about your work and see what other students work is about."
Leanne - poster Child Soldiers
"I felt proud to show other university members how far I had come in understanding trauma and loss." 
Tracy - poster Cyber Bullying
"This is my first poster presentation and it helped me to develop my team building skills as well as learn how to concisely and creatively communicate ideas. The poster as an assessment enabled me to demonstrate the understanding I had gained on the topic." 
Suzanne - poster Cyber Bullying.