Organisational Environment

Whether it is a financial institution, a multi-national chemical manufacturer, the National Health Service or a University, no organisation exists within a vacuum.

All are likely to be subject to government regulation, the national and local economy, some will have competitors.  These factors all constitute what is known as the organisational environment (some refer to it as the business, or even corporate environment).  This environment comprises of an array of factors that act upon and influence organisations and the way it works.

The purpose of this module is to help you develop the appropriate skills and understanding so you may review your own organisation by scanning and interpreting its environment and drawing conclusions about the major issues it faces in the immediate future.

The module is intended primarily for people working in organisations who have managerial or leadership responsibilities, who aspire to this type of role or for participants who wish to extend their knowledge of these critical factors.


Available at all levels.  This module may be studied either through workshop attendance or distance study.