Graduation Success and Feedback

Posted on 27th January 2012

At the inspiring graduation ceremonies at Chester Cathedral this November, many of the highly successful Education Studies students remarked on the positive effect that studying Education Studies at the University of Chester had made on their career paths.

Successful graduate James Salt is now engaged on a PGCE course at Chester and is on schedule to qualify as a teacher in 2012. James remarked,

“I feel that the Education Studies degree has helped me to get onto the PGCE Primary course because it gave me the basis to build my teaching knowledge on. Having the knowledge of policies and the history of teaching really enabled me to understand changes in the curriculum and the ways that the theories are used to construct the policies/initiatives. Also the knowledge of teaching styles gives me the ability to transition from one teaching style to another to match the learning styles of the group or individuals in the class.”

Another of our successful graduates Rebecca Rodgers also spoke highly of the Education Studies course and how it had enabled her to facilitate a smooth transition on to a Master’s programme. Rebecca describes how the Education Studies course has given her a solid foundation in the field of education and the necessary skills to enable her to progress onto a Masters by Research focusing on post-war education reform in Germany.

“Even as a joint honours student, Education Studies gave me a good overview and covered a wide range of topics on educational policy and practice, highlighting the diversity and relatively short history of education in both the United Kingdom and the World.  For me, the course, as well as the tutors who run it, have helped me to become a more confident person; from the way I debate, evaluate and analyse my work.  For anyone wanting to take the course and wanting to pursue a career in either research or teaching I would really recommend it!”