Leading People Through Change

Available at all levels. This module may be studied either through workshop attendance or distance study.



Change is an inescapable part of both social and organisational life, indeed the leitmotiv, a recurring theme, of contemporary organisational theory is that of managing and coping with change. It seems that organisations, and subsequently the individuals working within them, face an unrelenting stream of pressure from globalisation, social and demographic trends, shifts in government policy and the development of new technology.  This module seeks to develop participants' knowledge and skills in the process of understanding, creating and coping with change within the work place while being encouraged to develop the skills necessary for the management and facilitation of transition.

Whilst similar to the module Transition and Change Management the emphasis of this module is more on the focus of leading change emphasising the challenges of helping people cope with organisational change. Whilst it is principally aimed at people in or aspiring to be the drivers of change this module may be of interest to those who wish to develop their understanding of the crucial role of leadership has within organisational transformation.