Grundtvig Project

Posted on 18th January 2012

At the beginning of this academic year Marta Marquez was invited to participate in a Grundtvig exchange project between students of post beginner Spanish and students of English in La Coruña.

The project is funded by the European Union and the successful students will receive an all expenses paid trip to La Coruña in July, meals and flights included! This project also involves people from other countries, such as Germany, Romania, Italy and Spain. Two different groups will participate from the University of Chester, English-German and English-Spanish.

The topic of this project is “Breaking Stereotypes” and students will complete different tasks communicating by Skype and a weekly forum with their counterparts – German and Spanish in our case. In particular, my students will have to complete 4 different tasks and the weeks will alternate speaking in English and Spanish. We needed 6 students in order to organise the exchange, but in fact the students of Spanish have been so enthusiastic that we have 12 people involved. The beauty of this exchange is that they will meet their counterparts in La Coruña and will enjoy some memorable activities, including some fantastic meals.

During the last weekend of January Marta, met her counterparts from Spain, Romania, Italy and Germany who came to the University of Chester; we met around a dinner table at Carluccio’s, and it was very nice for her meet everybody and see that they are also very enthusiastic about it. On Friday the 28th we spent the day fine-tuning the arrangements and it is all set to start on the 27th February. It looks like it is going to be a lot of fun for all involved and there is no better way to get people thinking and speaking in the language they are learning.