New Faculty Student Magazine

Posted on 10th February 2015

We are pleased to announce the first edition of our student magazine 'elephant' has been published. 

The response and ideas from everyone involved has been absolutely fantastic.
Aimee Kirton - Student and Managing Editor

At a meeting last year our student representatives decided that a great way to integrate a sense of collectiveness within the University was to create a magazine which would combine and involve student work from across the Faculty. 

The idea of the magazine was to create something new in which it could contain anything and everything rather than just a specific genre of work. We came up with ideas of book and film reviews, fashion pages, life perspectives of students and so much more.  We were pleased to see that nearly fifty students expressed interest in contributing to the magazine and work began over the summer to produce the first issue.   

The managing editor, Aimee Kirton, has this to say about the magazine:  "The response and ideas from everyone involved has been absolutely fantastic and it is so great to see elephant constantly growing into something bigger and better as each day goes on. It has grown vastly from a few scribbled notes down on paper, to us forming our own editorial team and then the final stage of publishing the first ever edition of elephant! The need for a new magazine within the University was obviously there and this might just be the beginning of a wide range of magazines that may be produced throughout the University" 

The Faculty is extremely grateful to all of the contributors and esecially Aimee Kirton for organsing and collating the articles.  The free magazine can be found around the university or an electronic copy can be downloaded here