Conflict Transformation

Conflict is the single largest cause of poor performance, dissatisfaction and job turnover.  Surveys within the NHS regularly show that around 50% of respondents have been or are being bullied.  What can be done?  Conflict Transformation has more of the answers than conflict management techniques and conflict resolution processes.

The Conflict Transformation module can be taken at all levels and covers


  • our own definitions of and language for conflict
  • the reality behind conflict
  • judgements - the cause of all conflicts
  • overview of different models of intervention
  • rapport/empathy
  • dehumanisation and victimisation
  • the emotional dimension
  • blame and anger
  • needs verses wants and addictions verses preferences
  • requests and action
  • putting it all together - communicating your intervention
  • bullying and victim strengthening
  • the Dignity in the Work Place Bill
  • time poverty