Communication Skills Workshop

This module seeks to develop participants’ skills base and knowledge relating to communication at work.

Participants will be encouraged to explore interpersonal, group and organisational communication while acquiring relevant skills. Communication models will be used to support practical and reflective learning, with benefits for participants and organisations alike.

This module covers the following topics

  •  Core communication skills - listening/telling/questioning, observing, giving/receiving feedback, body language
  •  Intrapersonal/interpersonal/inter-group/organisational communication
  •  Self/colleague assessment of skills
  • Improving communication at work
  • Assertion/influence/aggression/passivity – styles, choices, consequences
  • Organisational cultures: implications for communication and change
  • The skills of support and challenge
  • Developing understanding of non-verbal behaviour
  • Using vision as a communications motivator and guide


Available at all levels