Professor Phil Harris

Executive Director


BA (Hons), CertEd, PhD,  FAM, FAMS, FCIM, FIPR, FRSA


Executive Dean of Faculty

Professor Phil Harris, Executive Director, University of Chester Business Research Institute

Westminster Chair of Marketing and Public Affairs,

Roles and Responsibilities

Responsible for overall strategy and external affairs of the Institute.


Academy of Marketing, American Marketing Association, Academy of Marketing Science, Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy, British Academy of Management, European Marketing Academy, Institute of Public Relations and Worshipful Company of Marketors  

Esteem Indicators

Phil is a founding editor  of the Journal of Public Affairs and a member of a number of international editorial  and  advisory  boards and a Director of the Chester  International Centre  for  Corporate and Public Affairs Research.  He  is  editor   of  the  Sage  Advanced  Marketing  Series and  founded the Chester  Forum  in  2010  to  generate critical  knowledge and  networks to underpin economic  development and  social cohesion  in the region  He is a Board Director of the West Cheshire and North Wales Chamber of Commerce and is a judge of the Local Business Accelerators national initiative which is worth £15million in sponsorship. 

Phil has taught and researched widely across Asia, Europe and North America and has been an advisor to a number of business and governmental  organizations which  amongst others  has  included Bank of America, British Council,  Elf Oil, Granada TV, Management Consultancy  Association, New  Zealand  Water  and  Waste  Association,  Unilever,  United  Utilities  and various  not-for-profit organizations including, Age UK, Disability Exchange (NZ)  and  Guide  Dogs for the  Blind. He has  held  visiting  Professorships in Australia,  China, Germany,  New Zealand  and the United States.

In 2008, he was awarded the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s President’s Medal for his distinguished contribution to the  development of the  world marketing profession. This was followed  up  in 2011  when  he received  an Honorary Fellowship and Lifetime Achievement  Award from the Academy of Marketing   for  his  service  to  the  discipline.   

He  is  a  member   of  the  UK Government Business School Task Force on Medium-Size  Businesses and Economic Growth  and an active advisor to a number of organizations in the UK, Europe  and  Asia. He became a Freeman of the City of London  in 2012 and is an active researcher of political marketing, political risk and public affairs.


Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Professional Studies supervisor.


He has authored more than  150 publications in the area of:

  • Communications,
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, China,
  • Entrepreneurship,
  •  European Business,
  • Lobbying,
  • Political  Marketing,
  • Public Affairs
  • and  International Trade

in such journals as:

  • the European Journal of Marketing,
  • Journal of Business Ethics,
  • Journal of Business Research,
  • Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Psychology and  Marketing
  • and  Journal  of General Management.

Professor Phil Harris was one of 4 UK academics invited to the prestigious Beijing Forum in 2011 and spoke on sustainability and public affairs.

He is a regular broadcaster, writer and commentator on the regional economy, political marketing and public affairs.

Published work

Published Books

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Journal Articles

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Published Conference Contribution

  • Harris, P. “Sustainability and Responsibility in a Changing Business World: The Lessons of Machiavelli and Malthus for Public Affairs Management”, Invited paper for the Beijing Forum, Peking University, November 2011

Research Report for External Body.

  • Harris, P and 20 others. Report of the Business School/MSB Collaboration: Supporting Mid Size Business Growth, Department of BIS, London.
  • Harris, P. Oral Evidence in A Report by the All Party Small Business Group. “Breaking Down the Barriers to Entrepreneurship” House of Commons, London, May 2012 cited P2 and 13.
  • Harris, P. and McGrath, C. Written Evidence published by the Constitutional Review Committee: Introducing a Statutory Register of Lobbyists, House of Commons, London, June 2012, pp. 151-171, Phil Harris, 20712