Putting History in its Place: Historic Landscapes and Environments

On Thursday 20th April and Friday 21st 2017, the Department will host a Royal Historical Society funded Symposium 'Putting History in its Place: Historic Landscapes and Environments.  Three plenaries will be delivered by Professor Elizabeth Tingle, Professor John Blair and Professor William Whyte.

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Thursday, 20th April, 2017
Friday, 21st April, 2017
Department of History and Archaeology

Programme:  Thursday 20th April 2017

Binks Building, Parkgate Road Campus 

Department of History and Archaeology,  Departmental Hub Area and Mezzanine.

12:00pm  Welcome by Professor Tim Wheeler,  Vice-Chancellor. 

12:00-13:30pm  Student Poster Exhibition and  Lunch Reception.

Best Building, CBB/017  14:00pm

  • Plenary 1: John Blair (Oxford): Was There Such a Place as Anglo-Saxon England?  Material Cultures and Regional Identities.

Chair: Tom Pickles (Chester) 


  • Landscape History at Chester and the University College Isle of Man: A Roundtable. Rebecca Andrew, Clare Hickman, Tim Grady, Hannah Ewence and Catriona Mackie.

Chair: Katherine Wilson (Chester)

16:30pm Closes


Programme:  Friday 21st April 2017

Best Building, CBB/013  08:30-09:00am   Registration and Coffee.

Best Building, CBB/017  09:00-09:15am  Welcome (Jenny Hillman, Tom Pickles and Katherine Wilson).

09:15-11:15am  Panel 1: Landscape and Identity 

Chair: Rebecca Andrew (Chester)

  • Julie Schlag (Hull): Forest Landscapes of the Northeast: An Investigation into the Cultural History and Socio-ecological Significance of New England’s Local Woodlands, 1500-1850.

  • David F. Duke (Acadia): Over the Gossiping Grass: Community Succession and Environmental Influence in the Tantramar Region of Atlantic Canada.

  • Leo Baker (Bristol): The Handley Torches Have Not Forgot: Protest, Memory and Landscape Change in a North Dorset Village, 1818-1832.

Best Building, CBB/013  11:15-11:30am  Coffee.


Plenary 2: Elizabeth Tingle (DMU): Sacred Landscapes, Spiritual Travel: Embodied Holiness and Long-Distance Pilgrimage in the Catholic Reformation.

Chair: Jenny Hillman (Chester).

12:15-13:00pm  Lunch.

13:00-15:00pm  Panel 2: Sacred and Liminal Space

Chair: Ruth Nugent (Chester)

  • Stuart Prior (Bristol) and Helen Frisby (UWE): Law, Lore and Landscape: Gravedigging in Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century England.
  • Anuradha Gobin (Calgary): Unsanctioned Acts: Landscape’s Boundaries and the Exertion of
    Agency in the Dutch Republic.
  • Emma Wells (York): Sacred Spatiality: The Transformation and Ab‘sense’ of Experience in the English Reformation Parish Church.
  • Dee Dyas and John Jenkins (York): Pilgrimage and the Sacred Environment in Medieval English Cathedrals.

15:00-15:15 pm   Tea

15:15-17:15pm   Panel 3: Place and Affect

Chair: Tim Grady (Chester)

  • Jonathan Hogg (Liverpool) and Jessica Douthwaite (Stirling/IWM): British Nuclear Sites in the Cold War: Concrete Silos, Affective Regimes and the Impossibility of Change.
  • Oleg Benesch (York): Castles and the Militarisation of Urban Society in Imperial Japan: 1868-1945.
  • Graeme White (Chester): Settlement on the Frontier: Defence, Crossing, Refuge.

17:15-18:00pm   Plenary 3: William Whyte (Oxford):

  • Re-enchanting the World: Buildings, Landscapes, and the Genius Loci.

Chair: Tom Pickles (Chester)

19:15pm  Symposium Dinner, Chez Jules, Northgate Street, Chester.