Barcelona, Spain


My favourite module of university, very good for developing what you yourself want to focus on. I have learnt so much from this trip!"

If you choose to study the Single Honours Geography programme and are seeking a human geographical fieldwork experience, then you could spend several days in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. Here your project work would focus primarily on the political, cultural, urban and/or economic geographies of this vibrant city. You may explore, for instance, contemporary issues of Catalan identity and nationalism; the growth of the knowledge and cultural economies in Barcelona, or the extent to which growth in the city is environmentally as well as economically sustainable.

This field trip comprises a combination of guest lectures and site visits given by academic and practitioner experts in the social, cultural and economic landscape of Barcelona (including representatives from the metropolitan authority).  Following these, students work in project groups to design their own enquiry into one of the urban challenges faced by Barcelona. The projects are presented by each group in formal assessed presentations in the field, and written up as individual project reports upon your return to the UK.