Students learn more about ethical tourism from leading expert.

Posted on 25th January 2017

Students at the University of Chester’s Business School discovered more about ethical and responsible tourism during a lecture from a leading expert in the field.

Helen Jennings (centre) with Tourism students.
Helen Jennings (centre) with Tourism students.

Helen Jennings, Campaign Officer for Tourism Concern, met with level 5 Tourism Management students at the Queen’s Park Campus.

Tourism Concern is a charity which aims to ensure tourism is ethical, fair and a positive experience for both travellers and the people and places they visit. It works to ensure tourism always benefits local people by challenging bad practice and promoting better tourism.

Helen studied at the Universities of Goldsmiths, Kent, Jyvaskyla (Finland) and The Arctic University of Norway (Tromsø) where she obtained a MA in Indigenous Studies.

An extensive traveller, she has lived and worked in Canada, Scandinavia, and South America and is convinced of the value of ethical and sustainable tourism.

Helen said: "I was glad to be invited to speak to the University of Chester students and to be able to highlight key concerns in the tourism industry around the globe. It is good to take the time to explore how to make the future better, in particular for the most vulnerable tourism stakeholders, with the next generation of tourism leaders.”

Dr Maeve Marmion, Programme Leader for International Tourism Management, said: "Tourism is a powerful tool for social and economic development if it is planned and managed effectively and, as members of Tourism Concern, we are always interested to hear updates on the key ethical challenges facing our industry. 

“We are invested in teaching our students about these issues and encouraging them to think about ways in which to improve tourism so that it benefits more and more people. We look forward to working closely with Tourism Concern in the near future.”