Green Impact - BYOB to Work

Posted on 24th March 2017

Week commencing 27th March our department will be taking part in a ‘Bring Your Own Bottle to Work’ campaign. This is to encourage us to be more ‘waste free’ conscientiousness, supporting the Green Impact programme aiming to reduce, re-use and recycle waste for a better future.

Ingrained habits and convenience usually leads to purchasing drinks rather than bringing in our own bottles. Why do we really feel it’s easier to buy a disposable bottle of water than finding a place to fill our reusable bottle? Do our efforts really matter? Can one person bringing their own mug, glass or water bottle really make an impact on the environmental problems we face today?

The thing is, if we were alone in our efforts, then no. But as a collective, we can have an impact, helping us to transform the environmental impact on the way we work and learn. All our efforts lead to positive and meaningful changes to our department’s environmental performance.


Fancy joining us that week on our campaign?

 27th – 31st March we will be giving away FREE Green Impact drinks bottles!!!


Come get yours from the GID departmental office or Best Building foyer …….

 It’s a first come, first serve basis and we have 60 to give away for FREE!!!


Whether student or staff, why not tweet us with your BYOB @GIDchester