Dr Claudine Clucas

Senior Lecturer

Claudine teaches Psychological Therapies, Social Psychology and Research Methods. She also supervises Level 6 and Level 7 dissertations. She is particularly interested in the psychology of respect and psychosocial aspects of illness.


Claudine obtained her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Connecticut in the USA. She then completed an MSc in Research in Psychology at Oxford University and a PhD on social psychological influences on and consequences of patients’ experiences of feeling respected in doctor-patient relations at the University of Bristol. Following her PhD, she worked as a researcher in a health psychology group at University College London on topics relating to HIV/AIDS and the evaluation of an international parenting programme.


Claudine has been involved in a wide range of research studies on social, health and clinical psychology topics. For instance, she has carried out research on respect, doctor-patient relationships, social categorisations, psychosocial aspects of HIV/AIDS, parenting, psychological impact of baby abandonment on carers and the situation of children infected and affected by HIV in developed and developing countries.

Email: c.clucas@chester.ac.uk

Phone: 01244 513476


Claudine is module leader of Social and Individual Psychology (PS5018). Claudine also teaches at undergraduate level on Psychological therapies (PS5013) and Becoming a Psychological Researcher (PS5015). At postgraduate level she teaches on Social Psychology and Researching Thought and Behaviour for the MSc Psychology Conversion course. In addition, she supervises undergraduate and postgraduate research projects.

Claudine is happy to supervise research students (at MSc or PhD level) who want to work on social and health psychology aspects of respect in its various forms (particularly self-respect and interpersonal respect) or in the area of healthcare provider-patient relationships. 


Claudine’s research interests are primarily in Social and Health Psychology in the areas of the social psychology of respect, doctor-patient relationships, social categorisations and health outcomes and psychosocial aspects of HIV/AIDS.

She is currently collaborating with Hazel Chapman, Senior Lecturer in Nursing, on a research project on nurses' attitudes and behaviours of respect towards service users.

Published work

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Conference proceedings

Chapman, H., & Clucas, C. Registered Nurses’ Experiences of Respect Towards Service Users: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. RCN conference 2015 (Oral).

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