Personal Academic Tutor (PAT)

‘PAT’ is an abbreviation for ‘Personal Academic Tutor’ and is an integral part of ensuring you are successful throughout your educational journey at the University of Chester. 

“We are the friendly face that students see from day one at the University and often become their first point of contact for any concerns. PATs eradicate any feelings of negativity to encourage the student to feel more settled within the department.”
Dr Cassie Ogden, Program Leader and Senior Lecturer in Sociology.

PATs focus on imparting advice and guidance in relation to your course of study; they provide a reference on completion of your degree and offer help or direction to resources for any personal issues you may encounter along the way.

In the Social and Political Science department, PATs support your academics by reviewing extensions and deferrals and deal with problems that you may come across in your programme.  Many students consider their PAT a friend and the crossover of personal concerns of University life may be discussed, with the PAT advising the student through the help of Student Support and Guidance.

It is advised that you see your PAT regularly throughout the year beyond the required scheduled sessions, as this will give both parties the opportunity to get to know each other so the PAT will be able to provide a well-balanced and solid reference for career options or further study.


"As a PAT, we offer a personalised and accessible approach to academic tutoring, which means we take an interest in every student's performance for the duration of their degree. However, it is very much a two-way relationship and students are encouraged to organise meetings to discuss any issues, areas of possible improvement, or to just chat about how things are going with their studies. What I like to tell my students is that by taking the time to come and see us and investing in PATs as a resource, the better the outcome for both the student and lecturer."

Dr Jonathon Louth, Programme Leader in Politics.