FAQs - Parents and Supporters

How can I prepare the student for leaving home?

Encourage them to take responsibility for themselves and for starting their new way of life with confidence and enthusiasm. On a practical level, it is really helpful if they can cook a few basic meals for themselves and can manage their own financial affairs.


Suggest that they join the Induction Week and Chester Students’ Union Facebook and Twitter pages for any important updates and information before and during Induction.

What if she or he is ill?

All students who don’t already live locally are advised to register with a local GP and Dental Practice to ensure that they have health support whilst living away from home, should it be required. There are a number of GP Practices and Dentists within close proximity to the University, and you can find the one most convenient to where you will be living via the NHS service search http://www.nhs.uk/service-search We ask students to provide Next of Kin details for their record.

We would normally only contact next of kin in the unlikely case of medical personnel advising that this is required.  Normally, medical staff would be the ones to make contact if they consider it necessary.

We pass contact details to a hospital, if requested, in an emergency.

Hospitals have similar guidelines and do not notify the University of hospitalised students unless the students ask them to. It is up to students themselves to inform the University that they are in hospital; many choose not to. If we do have contact with a student in hospital, we suggest that they let people at home know, but cannot do this for them without permission.

We have booked a holiday for Induction Week. Do you have to attend Induction Week?

While it isn’t absolutely compulsory to attend Induction Week, new students would miss valuable opportunities to orientate themselves at the University and introduce themselves to their programme of study.


Also, they have to complete the enrolment process at the University during Induction Week, and if they do not do this the release of any student loans will be delayed.

Can residential students park cars at the University?

Students living in University-owned or managed accommodations at Chester Campus are not eligible to apply for a parking permit unless they have a registered disability.


Resident students on Chester Campus found to be parking on University property at any time (except when arriving/departing at the beginning/ending of term) are liable to be charged £60.00 by Parking Solutions 24 for any occurrence in each 24-hour period, and persistent offenders may have their Residential Licence Agreement withdrawn.


Students living in University accommodation and studying on Warrington Campus are eligible to apply for a parking permit. This will be valid only at Warrington Campus and only for the current academic year.

I haven’t heard from the student for a couple of days. Will you go and check on them?

We wouldn’t ordinarily attempt to locate a student’s whereabouts unless there was a serious concern about their wellbeing. Please do bear in mind that in our experience many students may contact parents and supporters less frequently when they've settled in.


They're going to be very busy with study and their new social life. Explaining to the student in advance that you may initially be anxious about their wellbeing while you adjust to them being away and agreeing that they will contact you at mutually convenient times may help avoid any extra worry.