These pages are designed to provide information and address some of the major areas of worry that parents and supporters may have in the run up to Induction Sunday.


One of the big changes, and one that can be a surprise for parents of students coming straight from school to University, is that the relationship that used to exist between you and your child’s school does not exist at University. 

The University of Chester’s relationship is with the student, not with parents or supporters – even those paying the tuition fees. Naturally, you will be interested in how he or she is getting on in this new situation; however, University policy and UK law recognise students as adults and restricts our relationship with third parties. The University is registered with the Data Protection Authorities as a holder of confidential data (e.g. names, addresses, progress of students); this prohibits the University from disclosing or even confirming data to anyone.

Although we can't openly discuss a student with you, we will take appropriate action to follow up on cases where there is serious concern for a student’s welfare and if you are concerned you should encourage them to seek help from Student Futures Support and Development, Chester Students’ Union or their Personal Academic Tutor. If they feel unable to talk to someone face-to-face they can always contact us by phone or email.

In an emergency, University staff will contact the next of kin (without the student's permission) only if medical personnel advise that it is required.



The major concerns that we have identified for parents and supporters of new students include: Settling In, Finance, Safety, Wellbeing and Healthcare and Accommodation (including food!).

We are well known for our friendly welcome here at the University of Chester. We have an award-winning Student Support Department known as Student Futures Support and Development, and the links on the left-hand side of this page will direct you to information on all of the above areas.

What support can you give when they start University?

  • Keep in touch - update them with your news by phone, text, Skype™ and email. Make them feel like they're not missing out by being away.
  • Reassure them that they can contact you at any time. You are only a phone call away.
  • Come and visit during the first term. Chester and Warrington are lovely places to visit.
  • Don't be offended if they contact you less frequently when they've settled in. They're going to be very busy with study and their new social life.
  • Help them remember they're not alone. Almost every other new student is in exactly the same situation.
  • Encourage them to meet new people by getting involved at the University of Chester - there are many ways to do this: attend Academic department induction; join in with Induction (Freshers’) social events; attend Chester Students’ Union events; go to Freshers’ Fair; become a volunteer; join clubs, sports' teams and societies; or attend the International Induction events if they come from overseas.
  • If you can, help them financially to fund books, equipment and socialising during the first couple of weeks.
  • Send them off with all the start-up essentials like kitchen utensils, a bedside lamp and bedding, etc.
  • Give them some basic, nutritious recipes to help with their new cooking responsibilities.


Important Dates for Your Diary:

Welcome Week (Freshers’ Week) is from Sunday 22nd September until Friday 27th September 2019 (new students are expected to attend this week as it is an important opportunity to adjust to University life).

And if you’re looking for details of term dates, can be found at on our term dates page here

Please note that these term dates do not apply to PGCE, Nursing and Midwifery students. For more information please contact your Department.