Security on Campuses:

The Security of the University campuses is provided by the Porters 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. The focal point for the service is the Porters’ Lodge located at the Exton Park entrance (the Parkgate Road entrance).

For the Warrington Campus, the Porters’ Lodge is located at the Crab Lane entrance

Regular patrols are made by the Porters and the campuses are also monitored by Closed Circuit Television Systems.

For information and non-urgent assistance:

Telephone: extension 1541 for Chester or 4374 for Warrington.


Emergency services:

If students require any of the following emergency services, they should phone 999 and then contact the Porters’ Lodge so they can assist.


Telephone: 999

The University Proctor is responsible for liaising with University Departments and outside agencies - i.e. Police, Fire, local community groups and the local Councils - to ensure that all our students receive the best help and advice in looking after themselves both on and off campus.

Specific areas include:

  • Student safety 24 hours, on and off campus.
  • Assistant Residential Tutors, Residential Tutors, the Residential Support Manager and senior staff on call, who support students resident in University accommodation.
  • Community Liaison to ensure that relationships between students and local residents are positive.
  • The Antisocial Behaviour Unit ensures that all students can go about their studies, and private lives, within the University environment without being disadvantaged by those students who do misbehave.
  • Students Complaints Procedure for students who wish to make a complaint against the University.