Chester Academics in demand in Schools

In recent days four members of staff from TRS have been sharing their research interests with students in England and Wales at different events across the country.

Wendy Dossett was a guest speaker at a retreat held at the beautiful Llangasty Retreat House in Powys made by three South Wales Schools. As well as making use of the peaceful atmosphere to probe and examine some widely used meditation techniques, she discussed with students claims made by some Buddhists that meditation could bring about world peace.

David Clough and Paul Middleton led workshops in a conference for schools in the Chester area with around 200 GCSE and A-level students. The conference took place at Chester Cathedral.

David led a session on Business Ethics, specifically on executive pay, and Paul led sessions on the perceived conflict created by the Equalities Bill between the rights of gay people not to face discrimination and the rights of Christians to manifest their faith.

Tom Greggs has spoken to around 6,000 6th form students across the country in recent weeks. He lectured on the rather strange title of "Lady Gaga and Picasso go to Starbucks", and used contemporary art, architecture and culture to explain the shift between modernity and post-modernity.