The Strategic Projects Office

Innovation & Development Directorate

The Team

  • Senior Executive Director: Charlie Woodcock
  • Projects Office Manager: Melissa Parsons
  • Project Manager: Janet Morris
  • Strategic Projects Officer (Funding): Aida Javorskiene
  • Strategic Projects Officer (Planning): Jane Pearson
  • Bid Funding Assistant: Abi Lewis
  • Bid Planning Assistant: Katie Austin
  • Administrator: Kate McKay


What We Do

The Strategic Projects Office is responsible for securing external funding for the University, across all of its campuses. The Office is involved with both capital and revenue projects, typically focused on developing new strategic activities for the University.

It is the responsibility of the Office, working with the Vice-Chancellor and Senior Management Team, to ensure the University is informed of and aligned with relevant national and international policies affecting Higher Education, including those of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, of which Higher Education is a part. The Office also ensures that the University is in a strong position to help shape future agendas and lever funding.


Working with:

  • Local stakeholders, including Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership, and Cheshire West and Chester Council
  • Public and private organisations, companies and industries
  • Regional, national and international funding bodies
  • Other universities
  • Students
  • Graduates


Key activities:

With a view to increasing the University’s reputation both nationally and internationally, and its capacity to maximise funding opportunities, the Office undertakes the following key activities:

  • Initiates and manages strategic partnerships with relevant external organisations and projects
  • Identifies funding sources that align with the University’s strategic objectives
  • Prepares/submits bids and funding applications
  • Manages negotiations with funders to ensure favourable funding contract terms
  • Advises internal colleagues during project delivery
  • Plans and implements major strategic funding initiatives
  • Ensures the University is regarded externally (regionally, nationally and internationally) as an effective business and valuable contributor to society and the economy


Previous and ongoing projects

The Strategic Projects Office has helped the University to secure several areas of externally-funded activity and has introduced new streams of activity. Some of these projects then go on to be delivered by other areas of the University.